Continue Fairing the Hull:  A lot of time has passed since my last session - this has to be the understatement of the year! 

Fairing the Port Side of the Stern

This morning I got out my polyester filler and smeared a very thin coat over the uneven spots of the port side of the hull and transom.  I finished off the fairing these areas with my board file before the filler completely set up.  I will continue to move around the boat and try to make quick work of this process.  Total time spent was about an hour.

My last entry was over a year ago.  I haven't been totally slacking, but the following excuses (not reasons) have been keeping me busy.

    1.  My wife and I completely renovated the bottom story of our circa 1918 home.  This included plastering, painting, flooring, carpeting, ceiling molding, chair rails, and kitchen appliances.

    2. I joined Weight Watchers and lost 30 pounds.

    3. I sold Sparky and got a Corbin Sparrow.

My 2000 Corbin Sparrow.  This electric car is registered as a motorcycle, goes 70 mph, and has a range of 30 miles per charge.

I appreciate all of the emails regarding the project and will attempt to press on in a more timely fashion!


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