Fairing Keel and Motor Well Joints:  This has been the coldest recorded winter in Florida history and I haven't been motivated to get out in the shop.  It's warm now and I'm back on the project.


I've added body filler to the keel joint and this is a picture of me fairing the last few feet of the keel joint.  Fairing of the entire boat is now 98% complete.

After fairing the keel, the only thing left to do was to fair the engine well and a little touching up.  The next major step will be to glass the hull.

                To fair the small joints in the engine well with body filler, I first needed to make a curved spreader.  For this I used the cap on WD40 can to approximate the curve of the joint.

Next, I transferred the shape of the cap to a straight spreader with a Sharpie marker.

Cutting out the spreader to be used to shape the joint

Using the new spreader to smooth the body filler into the joint.

The small sanding board that I used to sand the joint.

The joint being sanded.

The finished sanded joint in the engine well.

This week I took my teak lumber to have it re-sawed.  I hope to visit the shop where the work is being done and document the process.

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