Final Sanding of the Chine Repair Area:  During this session I finish the filling, fairing and sanding of the repaired chine area.  But first, I am  going to feature a:


As I readied myself to sand and fair the entire hull, I took stock of my tools and realized that I had worn out my pneumatic board file. I set out to find a new one and first  went to "Vendor A", a store that I frequent often.  There I found a gorgeous file board for $230 - too much.  Next I went to "Vendor B", a prominent tool store here in St. Petersburg, and found a much more reasonable one for $130 - still a little on the high side.  Next I went on line and checked with Harbor Freight and found one for $19.95 plus $10.00 shipping!!!!  I figured that if this tool only lasted me through the completion of this boat it would be worth the price.  I also figured that I couldn't rent one for $30, so I bought it.

I will continue to update you on how this tool is holding up.

The first job of the day was to continue sanding the bondo filler with my flexible file board.  You can see in this photo that some low spots in the filled area are already starting to show.

A closer look at the low spots.

I mixed up a quick batch of bondo and spread it on the low spots.  Next I used the flexible fileboard to sand the newly applied bondo while it was still relatively soft.

I used the pneumatic fileboard to sand near the keel, where the surface has very little curve.  Still, I kept the fileboard oriented in a mostly vertical/diagonal position so as not to get the hull out of fair.  Before using the fileboard I squirted a couple of drops of machine oil into the air fitting to keep the tool lubricated.

The first thing to fail on the pneumatic fileboard was the front knob/handle.  It just popped apart.  It would have been easy to put it back together with a little rubber cement, but the knob off of the old fileboard fit perfectly!  Aside from that, the tool worked well.

This is the finished product - fair and smooth.  What you see in this picture showing through the bondo is a combination of epoxy filler and wood.  This job looks a little daunting, but actually was quite easy and moved along quickly.  I know that I may seem a little strange, but I really enjoy this part of the procedure.

Next I hope to finally get down to fairing the chines and the rest of the hull.

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