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Rollover Day: Moving the boat out of the garage and rolling over the hull - after much preparation, this is the day that we moved the boat out of the garage, down the driveway, rolled it over, and rolled it back.

Before starting the move I had to build a dolly to move the cradle out of the garage.  I built the dolly out of 2X4's and 4 castors.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money for a one-time use item, so the castors are of the smaller variety.  (Even so, I spent $50 on these materials).  I attached the castors to the 2X4's, jacked the cradle up, and attached the 2X4's to the bottom of the cradle. 

When there's heavy work to do, who are you gonna call?  Who will work for beer and/or a good meal?  My buddy Roger, of course!!!!  Here, the intrepid crew is assembled for the move.

The boat starts it's journey down the driveway Here we use 1/4 plywood to bridge some cracks.
Passing close to the chimney. Past the chimney and almost to our destination.

Here is the spot where we have finally reached a place in the driveway wide enough (using the neighbors lawn) to roll over the boat.

Roger holds the boat in place while I take apart the cradle. We both use 2X4's to lower the boat.
The boat starts down. One side down and ready to roll over.
Roger pushes while I hold the boat steady. Roger changes sides to finish lowering the boat.
The boat completely rolled over. We attach precut supports to the cradle.
Attaching 2X4 crossbeams to the supports. We lift and slide the boat towards the cradle
One side of the boat up on the cradle. The boat completely back on the cradle.
Scrap plywood makes getting by the chimney easier. Barely by the chimney and the side of the house.

Before bringing the boat back into the garage, I take the opportunity to do a little housework and recover tools that I haven't seen in several years!!!!

Roger demonstrates proper disposal of sawdust.

The boat squeezes by my radial arm saw.

The boat is back in place and ready for removal of the stitch and glue wires, installation of the keel, and fairing, covering and painting of the hull.

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