Don's New Boat:  A first look at Don's Com-Pac23 as well as some protective working gear.

Don McGowen just bought a Com-Pac23 (by Hutchins Co.) and invited me over for a look and to help redo the bottom.

This is a first look at Don's boat and shop.  (I'm under there somewhere on my back with a pneumatic board file.)  Don bought this boat at salvage prices and plans to do a complete makeover.  The boat came with all the running gear but will need a lot of work.  After Don got the boat back to his shop and was giving it the "once over" he was amazed to discover that the serial number on the boat was 0000001.  He made a call to the Hutchins Co.,  renowned in this area for their fine work, and confirmed that this is the first Com-Pac23 made by their company in 1979!

Don takes his turn using the board file on the keel.  Several hours later the keel was almost fair.

Taking a break.  Note that Don is wearing a standard coverall from Dickies and I am wearing a Tyvec suit with hood.

Don in full gear.  He is wearing a painters sock over his head, rubber gloves, and a 3m 6900 Full Facepiece Respirator.  I was very impressed with this outfit and bought the same respirator a few days later.  The respirator that I was wearing was a half face respirator and my face was covered with bottom paint and the seal around my nose was questionable.  In the near future I'll be doing some touchup sanding on my boat and want to eliminate getting fiberglass dust near my eyes or up my nose.  Don is an excellent fabricator and I'm looking forward to following his progress in the future.

This is the latest photo of  Trevor Noy (from Down Under) in a boat that I featured several years ago.  Note the addition of the cover over the aft part of the boat.  Good on ya, Trev!

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