Side Trip: The Eagle

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On Thursday, June 27, 2002, the Tall Ships came to St. Petersburg, Florida.  It was a hot, still day,  but the sight of the Eagle looming up out of the haze with it's huge stars and strips flowing behind her was enough to make the heart beat faster.   We bought tickets to visit the Tall Ships and the photos I took are shown below.   These are thumbnail photos, so you may click on them for a larger version.

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The Eagle was built in Hamburg, Germany in 1936 and was operated by Nazi Germany to train cadets.  Following WW II , it was taken as a war prize by the United States.   The Eagle now serves a s a seagoing classroom for future officers of the U.S. Coast guard.  The Eagle is 295 ft. long, carries 22,000 square feet of sails and displaces 1816 tons.  To learn more about the Eagle go to

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