Side Trip: The EarthBox

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On most Sundays my wife and I take a short drive - kind of a kickback to when I was a child.  Last weekend we took the Skyway Bridge south from St. Petersburg and drove down to Ellenton, FL.  We continued south on I-75, took the 301 exit, and started looking for the Gamble Mansion, which is just inside Ellenton.   When we reached the Gamble Mansion, a historic tourist destination, we turned north at the next stoplight.  There, to our amazement, was THE EARTHBOX RESEARCH CENTER and a collection of the most amazing flowerboxes that I have ever seen.  We immediately forgot about the Gamble Mansion and toured the center.   

The EarthBox is a flower/vegetable box that has a self-contained water reservoir and fertilizer system.  This project is the brainchild of  Blake Whisenant (r) & Dr. Carrol Geraldson PhD.  You can read more about it by clicking on the link shown above.

We returned the next day, met Mr. Whisenant, and bought a box.  Just for fun I have taken a picture our EarthBox, in which we have planted petunias, and will post a new picture of the box every week.   This will give you an idea of how well the box works.  The first picture is shown below:

box1b.jpg (12929 bytes) box26-03a.jpg (15258 bytes)
April 19 - taken 5 days after the petunias were planted. April 26 - we had 3.45 inches of rain and hail the night before.
box 5-3-03a.jpg (16253 bytes)
May 3 - growth this week has been really dramatic! May10 - the box is no longer visible!

May 17 - This is the last picture in the series.  The EarthBox has exceeded our wildest dreams! 

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