Filling the Slots With Epoxy:  Since my last session I finished cutting slots on the starboard side.  During this session I filled the slots with epoxy.

I started out with an empty caulking tube, which I bought from Fiberglass Coatings

Next I cut the tube in half.  I did this because I wasn't using much glue and a half tube is easier to fill and use.

Here the mixed epoxy glue is being inserted into the empty tube. Finally, I put the end in the tube and inserted the tube into the caulk gun.

I snipped the end off the nozzle and  squeezed the epoxy into the slot.


Here is the finished product.  I was careful to squeegee all of the excess glue off the slot.

Next I plan to sand the fillets on either side of the keel and continue the fairing process.

Total time spent in the shop today was about 2 hours.

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