Glassing the Transom and Motor Well:  This is the only major step left to complete the outer part of the hull.


First, I measured the amount of cloth needed to cover the the back of the transom.  Because of the unusual shape of the transom, I cut the cloth into three sections and applied them separately.

After epoxying the cloth to the transom, I feathered the edges so that the overlap from the hull would be smooth.

I found that the best place to get 5-hole hook and loop sandpaper is Lowe's.  Their contractors pack is priced right and they sell a 40 grit sandpaper, which I couldn't find anywhere else.  I use the 40 grit on flat epoxied surfaces.  I move up to 60 grit when sanding sharply curved surfaces to avoid sanding down to the wood.

This is the completely glassed motor well.

My nest step will be to patch several air pockets where the cloth did not adhere to the surface.  After that I'll sand the entire hull before adding the rub rail and paint.

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