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June 4, 2004 : Filleting the Floor Timbers - With the bulkhead fillets complete, my next job is to fillet the floor timbers.  The idea here is to get a fillet on one side of each of the timbers to stiffen up the hull enough to roll it over, install the keel, and sheath the hull with fiberglass cloth and epoxy.  I am not putting in any of the decking or glassing the inside to save on weight and make the roll-over easier.  This process was basically the same as my last entry, so it is not shown.  With all of the floor timber fillets completed I  ground out a small patch at the center of each of the bulkheads/timbers fillets.  This is so that the longitudinal fillets will stick to the fillets on the bulkheads.


Using a small air grinder to smooth the bulkhead fillet.

If you have an air compressor, this tool is well worth the money!

The completed bulkhead and floor timber fillets.  All that remains to do before the roll-over is to fillet the longitudinal seams.

  One of the things that I do before starting each session is to move our bikes (and some other junk) out of the shop so that I can walk around the hull.  The reason for this is that I haven't thrown away a piece of scrap plywood in about 10 years, and fully 25% of my work area is cluttered with scraps.  (I mean a person may need a scrap to make a box, or a jig, or a birdhouse, or a chair bottom, etc.)  Finally, my anal retentive need to hoard scraps was overcome by the pain of not having enough workspace.  I did a once-in-a-decade sorting and placed all of the precious scraps either in the trash or as give-aways along the fence in the alley.  Finally, I can open my shop, walk in, and work.

View of my shop from the alley.

As a final note, I have been following a boatbuilding website belonging to "Mad Dog".  His building philosophy is so much like mine, especially regarding the use of exterior plywood, that I find great comfort in reading about his trials and tribulations - and he's building a really great boat!!!!  His website is located at:

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